Braves to Hold Annual Elections

Braves to Hold Annual Elections

The Braves will hold their annual elections on Wednesday, October 12, 2022.

The following positions are up for election: President, Treasurer, Housing Chairperson, Fundraising Chairperson, Public Relations Coordinator, Souvenirs Coordinator, Concession Chairperson and Field Maintenance Chairperson

Anyone interested in these positions or learning more about getting involved with the Braves should email Jenabeth Ferguson.

Elections will be held during the Braves Annual Meeting via Zoom.

Click here to attend the meeting.
Meeting ID: 858 0727 2669
Passcode: 872368

All members of the association have one vote in the annual elections. Members of the Association are businesses and individuals who annually contribute a minimum of $100.00, those volunteers who contribute at least 30 hours annually and any host provider (limited to 1 vote per household). Any board member gets 1 vote, but receives no more than one vote regardless of other criteria.